Welcome to The Lighthouse International!
Our Story

The Lighthouse International is a Non-Denominational Church. It was founded in 2018 by Pastors Preston and Monique Walls. God gave our Pastors the vision to start a fellowship where believers could gather and experience the true presence of God. The fellowship started with only 3 members. As the fellowship grew, God directed our Pastors to officially start the church, The Lighthouse International. God blessed Pastors Preston and Monique with a new home in 2019 and they decided to glorify God with this great gift by moving the church location to their home. By 2020 the amount of members outgrew their home's capacity and after much prayer, God blessed them with a new building, which is the current home of The Lighthouse International. The Lighthouse International's vision is to WIN souls for the Kingdom of God, to LOVE God's people, to DISCIPLE them and to SEND them into the nations. Many people's lives have been changed and transformed through God moving in this church and we believe that God will continue to send people from the North, the East, the South, and the West to experience the greatness of God.